Retrofit Coordinators

The business opportunity for Retrofit Coordinators

The project to retrofit up to 26 million homes in the UK is underway. More than £130 million in grants and project funding has been made available to drive the Green Deal and build on the Energy Company Obligation. This presents business opportunities for the whole supply chain, however as pilot projects have demonstrated, the larger the project, the greater the scope for client side risks. These include poor quality delivery, supply chain coordination, sub optimal
energy performance and project overspend. There is therefore a need for Retrofit Coordinators to manage and provide leadership for large-scale retrofit

Who should become a Retrofit Coordinator?

Retrofit Coordinators could come from any professional background but will include:

• Architects
• Asset Managers
• Building Services Engineers
• Building Surveyors
• Construction Managers and Site Foremen • Construction Project Managers
• Energy Assessors and Consultants
• Energy Managers

What is a Retrofit Coordinator?

Retrofit Coordinators fulfil three roles:

1. Manage: They undertake the traditional role of a construction project manager in respect of planning, organising and managing projects towards delivery on time and on budget.
2. Coordinate: Providing informed advice and support to contractors and consultants to engender understanding and teamwork in order to achieve the energy performance that retrofit seeks.
3. Quality assure: Providing assurance to retrofit clients so that the project risk is managed.

We would like to thank the Centre of Refurbishment Excellence and RIBA for their help in formalising the occupational standard for this role and subsequently the training content to bring these occupations to life.