Our Code of Practice

All members of RetrofitWorks and its staff are required to abide by a Code of Practice; Membership Principles.

The Code of Practice are the specific behaviours, responsibilities and commitments, which a member will abide by in order to remain as a member of the organisation.

In addition to this document RetrofitWorks will provide a statement to its shareholders of the nature of their investment and any change affecting it.

Shareholders of RetrofitWorks are in essence the same as a shareholder in any other corporate body. If RetrofitWorks does not succeed as an organisation shareholders may not have all, or any of their investment returned to them. However, members’ liability does not extend beyond their own investment. The investment is withdrawable without penalty at the discretion of the Board, which may not approve repayments in some circumstances. If you have any queries regarding the Code, please address them to The Secretary at the address below.

Block A, Unit 233, Riverside Business Centre, London SW18 4UQ