Why become a RetrofitWorks Member?

Here are some great reasons to join Retrofitworks:

Work to clear specifications

RetrofitWorks provides: building surveys, energy assessments, and specifications

Following a comprehensive Energy Assessment each improvement measure or works identified will be included in a Whole House Retrofit Plan. After consultation with the homeowner this document will form the basis of a Building Performance Specification (BPS). The BPS includes clear guidance, manufacturers system specifications or installation details. It will provide you with all the information required for your quotation.

When you prepare your quotation you are not joining a race to the bottom. Your service and products supplied will be aligned with the specifications and details provided stated in the BPS.

Get the job done well

As a contractor/installer you are required to have the right qualifications and competencies to get each job done at the highest standards.

RetrofitWorks can help you achieve those standards, follow guidelines for bespoke systems for installations, and give access to the relevant training that will help upskill your work and your business.

Get paid as agreed

Quick and secure payments – the customer makes agreed payments after the Retrofit Coordinator has signed off a measure or stage of an installation

For additional security an escrow service can be arranged between you and the homeowner

Protect your reputation

RetrofitWorks is one of the most respected brands for quality energy retrofit in the UK.

We are not-for-private profit organisation and we do not practice any hard selling.

Our Retrofit Process has been tried and tested and is subject to stringent quality control.

RetrofitWorks is a TrustMark Scheme provider, the only Government endorsed quality scheme.

By joining TrustMark you will further enhance your reputation and credibility.

Move on to the next profitable project

You will receive warm qualified leads from RetrofitWorks, not just a name and a phone number.

Your potential customer has already bought into our process and will have been kept fully informed about all aspects.

Your quotation may be compared with a small selection of competitors from the RetrofitWorks membership.

The likelihood of landing your next job is much greater with RetrofitWorks compared to battling through a competitive tender against low quality competitors.

Focus on what you’re best at

You won’t need to waste your valuable time on multiple journeys and visits to customers. RetrofitWorks covers initial assessments, advice, and consultation with the customer.

  • We create a whole house retrofit plan tailored for each property
  • Our Building Performance Specification will make your job easier

RetrofitWorks enables all members to focus on their core business


  • Access to risk assessment and method statements
  • Industry leading COVID 19 guidance
  • CPD program
  • Discounted training courses
  • Retrofit Coordinator accreditation
  • TrustMark registration

“As a RetrofitWorks Practitioner Member I get to work locally, and as their controls and processes are aligned with the best industry standards it benefits our reputation with our customers”

Sof Sofoclis, Ecologic-Energy, RetrofitWorks Practitioner, Enfield

Become a Retrofitworks Member