All professionals working on the existing housing stock have a role to play in our schemes.

It is important not to forget that building professionals, such as architects, or project managers, can use the installer members of RetrofitWorks to deliver works for their clients, or can sell their services to others seeking their expertise.

Use the Cooperative to build your business, to find leads and to work with others to improve the standing of your offering in the marketplace.

Retrofit Coordinators

Retrofit Coordinators are an essential part of the RetrofitWorks process.

At RetrofitWorks, a Retrofit Coordinator has access to exclusive training and materials, continuing training, as well as direct access to industry leading advice on documentation, specifications, and more.

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Energy Assessors

RetrofitWorks supports all kinds of energy assessment and all kinds of assessor.

Assessments – people may want to have a more/less detailed assessment dependent on the decision they wish to make – we will help RetrofitWorks members and their customers find those people that can provide such assessments.

Assessors – whether you are a one-person organisation, a large group of assessors or an assessor working in-house as an employee.

Our current philosophy is that if customers want a genuinely impartial assessment, the need to pay for it, to get it paid for. Moreover, if they go ahead with works after a ‘free’ assessment, how many other ‘free’ assessments are they paying for where previous customers didn’t go ahead with works?

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