RetrofitWorks CPD Programme

RetrofitWorks CPD Programme

On Tuesday 20th April 2021 we are launching our very own CPD programme for RetrofitWorks’ members. Each CPD (Continuous Professional Development) presentation will be available to members on a monthly basis and will provide essential awareness of different energy efficiency measures  across trades.

Some of our members are already pioneers in retrofit, others are just starting out. This CPD programme will cover a range of topics that can be followed up with further training by the manufacturer/supplier, a college or other provider.


In the UK, many of the energy efficiency improvements have been installed incorrectly. This has resulted in unintended consequences, causing significant problems to properties and the health of their occupants. To avoid this now and in the future we want all RetrofitWorks members to lead the way and work to a high level of quality, skill and understanding.  Domestic retrofit has massive potential to significantly cut carbon emissions globally, dramatically cut energy usage and bills, and improve the comfort and health of the occupants. A skilled and confident workforce can easily achieve this and help us shift towards a much-needed net zero carbon future.


Why Continuous Professional Development?

  • RetrofitWorks aims to constantly support and facilitate the development of each of member. We have therefore been working with a number of industry leading manufacturers, suppliers and professionals to create training presentations that align with our technical standards and expectations.
  • We expect each member (sole traders, managers or supervisors) to aim for at least 10 hours of awareness training per year in addition to any competence based training with other providers.
  • RetrofitWorks provides the delivery mechanism for whole house retrofit in the UK and each member is therefore required to understand how their individual trade can affect or be linked to other energy efficiency measures.


Why should I attend?

  • As part of our commitment to quality, sustainability and creating a highly skilled workforce in the UK we want our members to be best in class.
  • The clients of RetrofitWorks Schemes expect contractors to visit their homes that have the skills, knowledge and care that align with the service that we provide when preparing the Whole House Plans and Building Performance Specifications for their properties.
  • You don’t have to become a scientist of each of the subjects, but Building Regulations now require all professionals to understand the issues around  ventilation, moisture and fabric first approach.


How to access?

  • You can access each session by registering on Eventbrite via the link published in our monthly Newsletter, or enquire via our contact page.
  • If you miss a presentation you can purchase a viewing for up to 1 week after the event.


Do I have to pay?

  • We charge a nominal fee of £25 to Full Members or £35 for Associate Members.
  • Remember, we are a not-for-profit and have to cover our cost.


What if I have already attended a similar CPD?

  • Just choose another one instead.


Can I introduce or request other topics?

  • RetrofitWorks needs all members to play an active part and we would very much like to hear from you.
  • Following a successful introduction we will waive your training fee for this new training provider


Please follow the Eventbrite link to register for our first event which will be External Wall Insulation (EWI) on Tuesday 20th April 2021 at 2.00pm.

CPD sessions will be available for £25 per session for Full RetrofitWorks Members and £35 per session for Associate Members.

 Register here!



The full programme of events will be released in due course. For more information regarding the CPD programme or to upgrade your membership with RetrofitWorks please contact us at

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