At RetrofitWorks, our mission is to help you renovate your home and save the world at the same time. Protect the environment, and your investment.

Living in the UK, one of the largest investments that you can make is within the property sector. Retrofitting your home is an excellent way to further invest on your property. Not only does renovating your property to be more fuel-efficient increase the value of your home, but it also decreases your energy bills, and reduces the carbon emissions your home produces.

How it Works


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Advice and quotes

Speak with a Retrofit Coordinator about which measures would have the biggest energy saving impact for your home. Your Retrofit Coordinator can get quotations for you from local contractors who are all approved members of our cooperative, and help you decide how to proceed.



Your chosen contractors carry out the work and communicate regularly with your Coordinator to ensure that work meets specifications.


All wrapped up

Your Retrofit Coordinator checks all the work is finished to the required standards before approving payment to the contractor – so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your home.

Why Retrofitworks?

Cooperative mission, unbiased advice, a whole-house approach, environmental expertise and vetted contractors.

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Our Process

We work with industry leading contractors, who are good and offer fair prices: we independently check them and their work.

All the businesses and tradespeople who become a member of our not-for-profit cooperative are vetted and agree to our standards. Our model of working means that their prices and works are checked by Retrofit Coordinators. Our coordinators provide advice to you, and they are independent of the contractors.

Our approach is to renovate your whole house to be more fuel efficient and reduce carbon emissions—a process that is becoming known as retrofitting. Plus—the whole planning process is done in one go.

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