Becoming a Retrofit Advocate Member, allows you to formally work with RetrofitWorks to support and deliver local retrofit activity, whether that be through formal lead generations, or informally by signposting householders directly to RetrofitWorks.

Any type of organisation can become an Advocate member.  The types of Advocate member organisations are likely to include, but are not limited to; Manufacturers, Community Groups, Local Authorities, Schools, Charities, Estate Agents, Faith / Non Faith Groups, and other third sector organisations. See our  Advocate – Community Group flyer for an overview of how this membership works.

Working with RetrofitWorks as a lead generator is a bespoke relationship.  For example, our standard lead generation reward is a £50 payment.  However, as a community group, you may prefer RetrofitWorks retains the £50 payment and ring fences it towards generating the local community hall, for example.  Alternatively, you may not want any lead generating reward at all; simply the satisfaction of knowing your support for RetrofitWorks is helping your local community to deliver energy upgrade works.  Ultimately, we will work with your organisation in the most appropriate way.  We are happy to have informal referral partnership arrangements, as well as more formal contracts with target based Key Performance Indicators etc.

Installers/Contractors, Energy Assessors and other building specialists and professionals may also want to become an Advocate Member.  E.g. as a tradesperson, you may have already established a client, who wishes to install a new kitchen or flooring, for example.  As a tradesperson who has secured the work, you can also offer your customer further energy focused services for the works you are unable to deliver.  This allows you to offer your customer a one stop service, whilst retaining your lead for the works you have already secured.  You will also receive a lead generation fee, as well as be entitled to Advocate Member profit share.

By acting as a Practitioner Member as well as an Advocate Member, this allows you to offer your customers the most effective measures for reducing their energy bills and improving their home comfort, potentially as part of a wider refurbishment project.

To become a Retrofit Advocate Member, there are no strict entry requirements, however there are defined Membership Principles that Advocate Members will need to agree to align with.  For example, there are strict rules around cold calling etc. Please see our Membership Criteria Overview for Stakeholders V1.1 for further details on the type of members we wish to work with and how our membership process works.

In order to become an Advocate Member – you first need to sign up as an Associate Member When you sign up as an Associate Member, you have the opportunity to tick the box to express your interest to upgrade to a full Retrofit Advocate Member.  We will then get in contact with you to upgrade your membership.