Becoming a Practitioner member allows your organisation to become a full trading member, and to enter into a commercial, and job allocation relationship with the cooperative.  This entitles you to;

  • offer your services to customers and other members (without losing any leads you already secure)
  • receive opportunities to price and win new work
  • be entitled to a voting right on the governance and operations of the cooperative
  • have the opportunity to stand on the Directives Board
  • receive a certain % of any profit share
  • be entitled to any training or other discounts established by RetrofitWorks

Practitioner membership includes all organisation types that are working in the building industry, including, but not limited to; installers/contractors, energy assessors, architects, designers, project managers, and other refurbishment specialists.

There are certain entry requirements, including competency and business requirements, based on your specific profession.  The requirements are checked, and must be met before entry to Practitioner Membership is agreed.  Some requirements are generic and apply to all trades, whilst others are specific to trade types, company size and company trading experience (as we do not want to block new company starts up into entry – but there may be more monitoring in the beginning).

Please note, to make applying for membership as easy as possible, we have aligned all current industry standards with RetrofitWorks requirements so if you are already a member of another scheme / standard / Trade Association or Professional Institute, many of the RetrofitWorks requirements will automatically be met, through a ‘deemed to satisfy’ route.

Finally, if you do not quite meet RetrofitWorks entry requirements, we will work with you to help you meet the requirements as quickly as possible.  This will include any discounts, or funded training which the cooperative may have secured at the time of your application.

In order to become a full trading member – you first need to register as an Associate Member.  When you register as an Associate Member, you have the opportunity to tick the box to express your interest to upgrade to full Practitioner Member.  We will then get in contact with you to take your full trading application forward. Please see our Membership Criteria Overview for Stakeholders V1.1 for further details on the type of members we wish to work with and how our membership process works.

Please note, we will upgrade Associate Members to Practitioner Members, based on a first come first serve approach within each trade/service offering type, therefore please bear with us.

Practitioner members can also become an Advocate Member, and work to formally publicise the cooperative with individuals and groups.  For more information on Advocate Membership, click here.