Justine Mallinson, Retrofit Coordinator, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire

Justine Mallinson, Retrofit Coordinator, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire

“Being a Retrofit Coordinator is such a varied and interesting job – I love it.

“Joining Cosy Homes Oxfordshire and being in the RetrofitWorks bubble is a great place to be. Although there is serious interest developing in the retrofitting of homes in the UK, the practices and processes are largely misunderstood. This is not the case with RetrofitWorks. The software we use is relevant and up to date and the processes for assessing a home and delivering a true Whole House Plan are present and correct. I feel that I am amongst the experts – those who really understand what it takes to efficiently and effectively deliver retrofits to the UK housing market. There is so much knowledge within the organisation and a real culture for sharing and supporting each other in delivering the best possible results. It’s more than a job for us, it’s a passion. Personally, as well as doing something constructive in the fight for climate change, I am driven by improving other people’s lives and creating healthier, happier homes. People are genuinely interested in making their homes more energy efficient, particularly in the face of rising fuel costs. It’s important to make their homes work for them and it’s about more than just adding insulation.

“The practical side of my role – implementing the whole house plan, creating Building Performance Requirements documents and project managing the works, liaising with contractors, installers and trades – is the most exciting challenge for me. Although I am an experienced practitioner, there is so much to know and making decisions on the best route for each property is key. I am extremely well supported in this area, learning something new from my peers every day.

“I’m also in a position to carry this knowledge forward as alongside being a Retrofit Coordinator for Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, I am also working with the Retrofit Academy as an assessor, tutor and mentor. Here, I can share my theoretical knowledge of retrofit and the skills I am gaining on the job to support the future of the industry.

“All in all, it’s a lovely place to work and I would recommend the role to anyone thinking of a career in this area.”

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