Resolver & client care

Resolver & client care

RetrofitWorks will use resolver ( for helping our members provide excellent client care and clear issue resolution.

resolver provides consumers with a single place to raise and resolve issues.  One place, one process and all key services.  The service is available online, on iPhones, and on iPads. resolver has over 1,500 companies across 65 service sectors covering off all key companies in those market sectors in its system.  RetrofitWorks will soon be launching a link on our website to resolver, so that the solution becomes the consistent space that clients and members go to engage and resolve issues.

We are excited to work with resolver in designing our customer care processes. Our systems will ensure that the client or member follows a guided complaints process and process flow ensures that those with issues engages with the right person at the right time. resolver keeps a complete and accurate record of the case, making it easy for the client to follow the process.

RetrofitWorks will gain customer feedback at each touch point on how the issue is being dealt with. The service is free to our members and clients.  resolver does not sell customer data or market to them and there are no adverts on the software portal.

RetrofitWorks will set the benchmark how an organisation delivers quality services and resolver will allow us to compare how we are doing across the market – with reporting and improving on customer care providing a continuous feedback and ensuring a quality driven process.

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