RetrofitWorks supports all kinds of energy assessment and all kinds of assessor.

  • Assessments – people may want to have a more/less detailed assessment dependent on the decision they wish to make  – we will help RetrofitWorks members and their customers find those people that can provide such assessments.
  • Assessors – whether you are a one-person organisation, a large group of assessors or an assessor working in-house as an employee.

Our current philosophy is that if customers want a genuinely impartial assessment, the need to pay for it, to get it paid for. Moreover, if they go ahead with works after a ‘free’ assessment, how many other ‘free’ assessments are they paying for where previous customers didn’t go ahead with works?

However… example of how free assessments could work with RetrofitWorks

John is a Loft Extension Specialist who has become part of the Cooperative. John is mid-way through a job, the client has already accepted the hassle and budget for the work. John has noticed that a lot more energy efficiency work could be done at the same time and he knows that it could be paid for by Green Deal or ECO funding. As he is a member of RetrofitWorks he has access to these funds and can find a fellow member who can assess the building. He is willing to pay for the assessment (say, £150) as he has a strong chance of gaining another £4/5,000 of work.

It’s a free assessment Jim, but not as we know it.

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