Local Authorities

STUART_MILES-ID-100206769By becoming a member of RetrofitWorks, local authorities can fulfil many goals – and the route to achieving these aims can be designed from within.

As Retrofit Advocates, authorities contribute leads with the assurance that works will be dealt with efficiently, and to a high quality assured standards, as dictated by RetrofitWorks’ quality controls. The cooperative also offers local authorities the flexibility to operate in a more hands-on manner, so that if, for example, they wish to carry out their own energy assessments or even manage schemes, they may do so – all facilitated via our online software portal and our great client support.

Many Local Authorities are spending millions of pounds on procurement exercise to tie themselves into one framework supplier for a number of years. By becoming a RetrofitWorks member, you could potentially dispense with the need to procurement, earn fees for the leads your submit and help pay for staffing.

And remember – as a Coop member you own the Coop and can dictate how it works in your area.

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Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net