Associate Membership


RetrofitWorks Memberships start with the preliminary membership stage, Associate Membership with a £50 annual fee.

Associate Membership is open to any organisation or individual that wishes to formally support RetrofitWorks or act as a non-trading stakeholder in one of our schemes.

To maintain your Associate Membership, there is an annual fee of £50. The annual fee is not required once an organisation has upgraded to full membership.


Associate Membership is the first stage of Retrofitworks Membership.

Please fill out our application form to apply for Associate Membership if you haven’t already done so. You must submit both the form and pay the Associate Membership fee to be considered for RetrofitWorks Membership.

RetrofitWorks works in local areas around the UK through schemes, and we are currently only accepting member submissions in the areas we work in.
For more information on those areas please visit our Schemes page.