Retrofit Systems & Materials Manufacturers of quality, high performance, guaranteed materials are essential to the success of installations, and for ease of installation by our RetrofitWorks Practitioners.

RetrofitWorks leads the marketplace by delivering cost efficiency savings, and creating value within our cooperative supply chain and our professional Retrofit Coordinator project management services, and we are delighted to welcome Manufacturers to the cooperative as Associate members, with the option to upgrade to an Advocate member, for those who also want to bring leads to the cooperative.

We host training sessions on product information, to help our Practitioners stay informed on new developments and to assist them in their CPD and installation certification requirements. Our cooperative is also a perfect place for client leads to be dealt with in a professional manner, through our quality guaranteed Practitioner scheme. We also actively promote the use of sustainable products to our Practitioners.

So join today as an Associate member of our cooperative – and also feel free to get in touch via our Registration / Contact Page.
Click here to download our Introduction to RetrofitWorks Flyer