What is a Cooperative?

RetrofitWorks is an Industrial and Provident Society Cooperative – Registered number: 32147 R

Our cooperative – aims to deliver reductions on CO2 emissions and energy bills in people’s homes while stimulating the local economy and improving the health and well-being of residents.

RetrofitWorks are a member of Cooperatives UK, which is a network of thousands of businesses across the country that are owned and run by their members, whether customers, employees or local residents.

What makes co-operatives unique is that they are run not by institutional investors or distant shareholders, but by their members.

Cooperatives UK published a short video in June 2015, outlining what a cooperative is, and the benefits to this model.

Our Cooperative is multi stakeholder, including experienced builders, installers, energy advisers, architects and other building professionals specialising in refurbishment – that are all fully trained – and other organisations such as Local Authorities and community groups that wish to promote retrofit and refer potential customers to a competitive, reliable and high quality retrofit service.

By sharing ownership of our cooperative it gives our members a stake, creating greater engagement, interest and concern for the long term interest of delivering energy saving measures.  This in turn helps ensure a high quality standard, and empowers the local community.

Members of RetrofitWorks work together as a trusted local team offering a quality retrofit service installing a variety of energy saving measures including insulation, boilers, double glazed windows and renewable technologies.

Our cooperative offers its members a web portal tool which facilitates project co-ordination for each retrofit job from pricing to work on site to completion.

For customers it offers a recognisable brand through quality assurance checks, provides an appropriate level of support to members, reduces costs through economies of scale and maintains a high quality workmanship and service.