Establishing a local retrofit scheme

Building a Local Membership Momentum – ‘One stop shop approach’

The RetrofitWorks model now exists for others to use but local members need to be able to build a genuine market for retrofit services. If the model is used in a new geographical area, it may be that we already have installer members that are willing to operate there, but its more likely we will have to attract new local installers. We have great experience of this but need local partners to support the process.

RetrofitWorks staff will work to arrange workshops which seek to understand the most useful approach for attracting members and customers alike, but also the sort of scheme that could be designed through which all members operate.

Interested in exploring this further?  To find out more, download the RetrofitWorks Advocate Prospectus (generic) 15102015 for setting up a Retrofit Scheme.

The RetrofitWorks Model

RetrofitWorks is a cooperative legal model, offering a range of organisations the ability to provide retrofit services under one umbrella administration, whilst also owning a share in the coop, and thus giving those organisations control over things that matter to them.  It is very flexible, offering its members the chance to make offers to a local market that are attractive and appropriate.

By bringing delivery into one place, it solves a lot of issues on the ground whilst also achieving wider strategic aims for local authorities and other community-based organisations. Importantly, the mechanism can be adapted to suit local needs in order to deliver mutual outcomes.

Below are some key qualities of the model:

  • Our on-boarding process mirrors procurement processes, saving time when engaging with new clients.

  • A local supply chain to target local resources boosting employment and boosting the local economy

  • Minimal visits to homes whilst creating work specifications, a competitive tender, allocating the work and ensuring it was carried out properly.

  • Simple for every member company deemed competent to offer a competitive price to a customer.

  • Impartial support to customers to help them with technical choices and how to select the best contractor for them.

  • An overriding Quality Assurance role for every job, no matter how small, to give customers, and potential funders, piece of mind and an audit trail.

Advocate Member role

Advocate Members represent homeowners and tenants across the wide range of motivations and triggers for retrofit. Energy is often a key feature of this, but so are wider outcomes.

Scenarios could be:

  • A charity seeking to reduce fuel poverty for the most vulnerable.

  • A group of families at a church that work together to renovate their homes with an energy focus.

  • A Local Authority that has regular calls from the public asking about energy efficiency measures, or convening a scheme of its own.

  • A local community group that coordinates local energy efficiency action.

  • Installer members wanting to promote energy efficiency measures and establish themselves in this sector

  • Helping local residents to maintain and improve their properties.

RetrofitWorks is a trusted single route approach to ‘sell’ all benefits at once, with Advocates choosing one of two roles:

  • Scheme Host - take a hands-on role to design and help deliver a scheme for local customers and practitioner members to join.

  • Service Navigator - feed customers into a local RetrofitWorks scheme once you are satisfied with the process and the way the customers will be treated.