RetrofitWorks Software Portal

At the heart of the co-operative is cutting edge innovation; RetrofitWorks’ bespoke online management and procurement platform, is a cloud based business platform that streamlines the complicated “estimation” and “evidence of use” processes for the domestic refurbishment market. The system allows property owners with their agents to specify their requirements and receive at least three comparable quotes from local companies. This unique approach ensures value for money for the property owner by creating competition amongst members using the software which makes detailed costings quick and simple.  It also acts as a project management tool whilst quality of service is assured by RetrofitWorks’ staff, and governance policies.

Retrofit Advocate members will work within their own networks to promote the cooperative’s benefits, its local presence and quality standards, making the RetrofitWorks cooperative uniquely capable of benefiting their local community.

RetrofitWorks staff act as a central resource for the administration of services, and profits will be returned to the cooperative membership – either directly, or by assisting in the provision of discounted training programmes and certification schemes, or for funding capital works for fuel poor householders.

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