“Being a trade member of RetrofitWorks has allowed me to generate my own leads as an installer, with the knowledge and comfort that I can pass these leads via RetrofitWorks staff for processing under grants and finance schemes.  They have been reliable and are always available to answer any queries or concerns.  My only regret is not engaging with them sooner”.

Muhammad IrfanIZ Energy Services LTD, RetrofitWorks Practitioner, Barking & Dagenham

“Being a trade member of RetrofitWorks has allowed my company to access work and clients that we would not be able to as an individual installer, for example the Enfield Warm & Healthy Homes Scheme.  RetrofitWorks acting as one organisation to represent local installers allows social landlords, local authorities and others to procure us via one organisation and point of contact.  This spreads the risk for everyone involved, by building redundancy into the supply chain and helps protect us as an installer with cash flow concerns by spreading the work load collectively.”

Sof SofoclisEcologic-Energy Ltd, RetrofitWorks Practitioner, Enfield

“RetrofitWorks worked as an installation partner with Haringey Council under the Smart Homes scheme – part of the Green Deal Communities project. The RetrofitWorks model built on the local supply chain delivering energy saving refurbishment works – increasing capacity and experience across North London. RetrofitWorks were a pleasure to work with as they delivered a high level of customer service and a detailed understanding of their customer base”.

Sadhbh Ní HógáinHousing Retrofit Project Manager, Haringey Council

“Engaging SMEs in energy efficiency can be a real challenge, however RetrofitWorks engaged with parts of the local community we had been unable to reach.  Thanks to the RetrofitWorks advocate members and installers themselves, we were able to deliver works to local community buildings including churches, community centres, care homes, and local businesses such as estate agents”.

Gill CoxEnvironmental Business Advisor, Haringey Council

The Cooperative is desperately needed to give homeowners more choice than just high street brands. They want to use local, trusted suppliers. They want to see their money re-spent again locally, not squirreled to a head office far away. If we can create a mechanism to achieve this we will see a greater pace of energy-focussed renovation, a more empowered workforce and stronger local economies.

Russell Smith MD of Parity Projectshttp://parityprojects.com

As a RetrofitWorks Practitioner Member we were able to bring an existing customer to the Smart Homes Scheme and enable a discounted price. Using Retrofitworks was simple, effective and practical way to bring all of the energy efficiency stages, including the EPC, into one place and we have a very happy customer. We’d love to do more of the same so will continue to support Retrofitworks as it develops new ways to help householders and the supply chain. RetrofitWorks brings all of the best practice principles into action

David O’Neil

RetrofitWorks paves the way for building the good news stories this sector needs to become mainstream in the UK

Patrick McCool

Massive thanks are due to Russell Smith and the Parity Projects team for coming up with the SME Conduit idea in the first place. The Co-operative concept is a very long established and much trusted way for small businesses to all help and contribute to a process to ultimately make the Retrofitworks cooperative a great success

Mervyn Pilley

As a social enterprise working closely with the community, The Community Energy Lab looks forward to feeding into and influencing the development of RetrofitWorks

Abigail Stevenson
“As the detail started to emerge from Government about how the Green Deal was going to be delivered we could see that the big players could steam roller the market taking any profit that there was to be made leaving SME’s to do the work for very little gain. This very innovative approach gives SME’s a fighting chance. We do not only have a very competitive offering for the client we also have the opportunity to go in on a rate that gives our companies a sustainable future. The Workshops have been very informative. Diamond Build plc have been involved in, and been to, many talks about the Green Deal, where others are still talking this initiative is taking ACTION and it is very welcome.”

Mick Hale
“The ‘Retrofit Works’ Cooperative is a fantastic opportunity for SME’s to work together as a large organisation to deliver multiple improvements and skill sets that would not be possible as an individual company. This allows us the small business owner to deliver Green Deal or an alternative to the ‘Able To Pay’ Market.”

Mike Ellinas