National Retrofit Service to be launched in 2022

National Retrofit Service to be launched in 2022

We end 2020 and the much-anticipated COP26 is now over. Depending on who you ask, it was a resounding success or a ‘cop’ out. Some believe that limiting global warming to +1.5C might finally be within our grasp, while others believe the modest improvements don’t go far enough. The reality is that the outcome is nuanced. One thing however is certain: legislation to slow climate change will be put in place in the UK over coming years and combined with the recently released Heat and Buildings Strategy, we will see sweeping changes within the home improvement and social housing sectors.

These changes will impact the ways in which home improvement businesses operate, what skillsets you need, what materials you can and can’t use, quality management systems etc etc. That’s why for 2022, I urge businesses and individuals in the sector to get ahead, improve your understanding of housings’ long-term needs, the whole house approach and how to explain this and market effectively to consumers. RetrofitWorks’ membership can help with this by working with you to transform your businesses and matchmake you with consumers looking to buy. We will be launching a national retrofit service in 2022 to further roll out the retrofit movement and play our own role in combatting climate change.


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