RetrofitWorks latest retrofit scheme for vulnerable householders in Enfield

RetrofitWorks latest retrofit scheme for vulnerable householders in Enfield

Late 2016 and early 2017 was dominated by Enfield Boroughs Warm and Healthy Homes scheme*.

This scheme was part of the Warm and Healthy Homes Fund, a £26.2 million pound innovative Great Britain-wide programme administered by NEA.  The programme as a whole benefited 1,000 households in areas of high fuel poverty and deprivation across England and Wales.

RetrofitWorks were the delivery partner organisation for Enfield Boroughs Scheme, who was one of 10 schemes set up across England and Wales to deliver the overall programme.

The scheme targeted vulnerable householders within the borough of Enfield with a grant of up to £4k to upgrade heating and/or insulation measures to eligible individuals who are at risk of cold‐related illness, have a disability or meet the responsibility for children criteria and are at risk of, or living in, fuel poverty.

RetrofitWorks, working with HEET, delivered £200,000 of energy efficiency work under the scheme to 59 properties.  This exceeded our original target of 40 properties, due to the high quality referrals made by our own installer members.  Householder leads were also made by HEET and front line Enfield Borough staff and organisations including Enfield CAB, private sector homes team, GPs, respiratory nurses, health trainers, public health and social care colleagues and social housing, co‐ordinating with the CCG.

The scheme was an overall success and we have gained a lot of knowledge and enhanced our customer service skills as a result of working with vulnerable householders.

*The scheme closed 1st April 2017.

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