What is RetrofitWorks, and how does it work?

RetrofitWorks is a Cooperative, who is owned by our Members. Our goals are to create a better environment for our nation by meeting the urgent need to retrofit our current housing stock. We work together with our clients and contractors together to make sure the work is done fairly and efficiently.

What is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives look like a business from the outside. Instead of a business model where a very small percentage owns the majority of the business, a Cooperative is owned by the people who work most closely with the Cooperative, in our case our Members, such as contractors, tradespeople, and community groups.

Does RetrofitWorks already have contractors in my area?

RetrofitWorks operates in localised areas where we have contractors as members of the cooperative. We are currently working within East Sussex, Greater London, Oxfordshire, and Greater Manchester.

How does RetrofitWorks operate?

RetrofitWorks is a cooperative, and we are owned by our members. Those members are qualified and highly vetted trade professionals, who work with us to install measures for clients.

RetrofitWorks acts as the go-between for clients and these trade professionals, to manage the project to the highest standard, and make sure that both the contractor and the client are happy with the measures installed.

We first begin with the assessment of the home. We employ the best qualified Retrofit Coordinators, who’s job is to assess the energy efficiency of the whole house, and produce a corresponding plan to advise the householder on what measures will be best to make their home warmer and more energy efficient. Every home and every householder is different, so it’s important to us to find the best solution from the start.

Working with the best contractor from our cooperative, we help manage and oversee the installation and completion of the different specified measures.

How does RetrofitWorks ensure the quality of each job?

RetrofitWorks uses quality contractors, meticulously vetted through our membership process before they can become a member. Finally, we have staff who manage your job through every step of the process working with both you and the contractor to make sure all of your needs are met, and the job is administrated and mediated properly.

How do I become part of the Cooperative?

You can become a member of the cooperative if you are a contractor, retrofit expert, or qualified installer in one of our localised areas, and become an Contractor Me.

If you are part of an organisation or local authority, you can support RetrofitWorks as an Advocate Member.

As an individual, you can reach out to us about becoming an Ambassador Member of RetrofitWorks.

Find out more about RetrofitWorks Membership here!

Has Something Gone Wrong?

In the first instance please call us to discuss any concerns you may have.

You are welcome to request a copy of our Complaints and Disputes Procedure by phone or email.

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