What is RetrofitWorks, and how does it work?

RetrofitWorks is a Cooperative, who is owned by our Members. Our goals are to create a better environment for our nation by meeting the urgent need to retrofit our current housing stock. We work together with our clients and contractors together to make sure the work is done fairly and efficiently.

What is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives look like a business from the outside. Instead of a business model where a very small percentage owns the majority of the business, a Cooperative is owned by the people who work most closely with the Cooperative, in our case our Members, such as contractors, tradespeople, and community groups.

Does RetrofitWorks already have contractors in my area?

How does RetrofitWorks operate?

How does RetrofitWorks work with government schemes like the Green Homes Grant?

How does RetrofitWorks ensure the quality of each job?

How do I become part of the Cooperative?

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