RetrofitWorks is a ‘not for private profit’ co-operative, matching communities & homeowners who want to retrofit their homes, with local, quality assured SME assessors and installers. (*)

RetrofitWorks uniquely joins these groups together into two sets of key members – coming together to identify the NEED FOR for & DELIVERY OF high quality retrofit projects:

  1. RetrofitWorks Advocates – organisations that represent a constituency of potential customers, acting as trusted advisers on their behalf. Groups such as community groups, local authorities and other local stakeholders comprise our Advocate members.
  2. RetrofitWorks Practioners – certified companies wishing to carry out retrofit advice, assessment, design, coordination, and installation. All Practitioners are fully trained, including PAS2030 accreditation for SME businesses.

This structure transforms the traditional approach to improving properties.


Our third membership group – RetrofitWorks Associates – operate as ‘friends’ of RetrofitWorks. Associate membership is open to any organisation that wishes to formally support the co-operative. There are no entry requirements to join, other than the desire and promise to continually support RetrofitWorks in the local community.

Our service features and benefits are summarised below:

–       Householders are assessed, and three quotes are generated from the energy survey from local SME companies via our software portal

–       All installer Practitioner members are quality vetted, and referenced

–       We advise on best grant scheme for householder circumstances

–       Our systems mean far fewer visits are necessary

–       RetrofitWorks’ controls ensure best service and a transparent delivery model

Our approach ensures value for money for the property owner by creating competition amongst members, and our structure reduces costs through economies of scale.

RetrofitWorks offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ guaranteed retrofit installation, and quality of service is assured by RetrofitWorks’ staff and governance policies.

Here are our introductory flyers which focus on:

Introduction to RetrofitWorks

Brief flyer for Installers   Practitioners working with RetrofitWorks

Introduction to Community Groups

Introduction to Homeowners

Introduction to Landlords


(*) Profits are returned to the cooperative membership – either directly, or by assisting in the provision of discounted training programmes and certification schemes.

RetrofitWorks is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  Registered Number 32147 R