At RetrofitWorks, we’re on a mission to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock in order to meet the UK’s net zero carbon emission target by 2050. We’re proud to be the leading light in transforming an industry that needs to significantly up its game and our brilliant people play a massive part in making this happen. RetrofitWorks is on an exciting and purpose-driven journey and we’d love to hear from you if you share our mission, purpose and ambition.

If you’re interested in joining us on the next phase of our growth, please take a look at the vacancies below and apply.

We are always interested to hear from people experienced in retrofit, particularly…

  • Retrofit Assessors
  • Retrofit Coordinators

If you’d like to join us, please send us an email at

Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors

The Retrofit Coordinator is responsible for delivery of energy-efficiency advice. RetrofitWorks staff are in place to work for and on behalf of the cooperative Members. As a non-profit organisation, it seeks to maximise the benefits that each Member seeks to achieve and to provide support services to them to achieve those aims.

Key duties & responsibilities

  • Carry out Retrofit Coordinator services to customers in your area’s scheme as per the agreed customer journey elements:  Initial advice through to design, oversight and sign off.
  • Survey clients’ homes, create their whole house plans, advise, and help with decisions
  • Specify and design works, working with internal and client employed design professionals as necessary
  • Check works during installation and on completion, remotely or in person
  • Liaise with contractors during and after works, where necessary discussing areas that need careful attention, or from time to time where work doesn’t meet specifications
  • There are office staff who oversee complaints, and the Coordinator will also be involved in resolution of these situations
  • Convey to clients the benefits of retrofitting and the Your Home Better service during whole house plan visits and follow up
  • Update the company CRM system (Airtable) to maintain a clear understanding of progress with each customer
  • Continue to provide feedback to all project stakeholders to enable the improvement of tools and processes. Assist with those improvements where possible.
  • Assist in the administration of customer service and compliance activity.
  • Assist in continuing Scheme development (outlined below in points 15-17)
  • Identify improvements and help develop the customer journey.

Convert ‘warm’ leads to customers through home visits and follow ups, and develop how best to achieve this

Supply Chain Development Manager

This role provides a unique opportunity to use your creativity and strong interpersonal skills to solve problems and create change. You will be highly motivated, and have experience in the construction (and preferably the retrofit) industry, or experience of mentoring SMEs.

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