Is your community looking to reduce energy bills, create healthy homes and achieve Net Zero? RetrofitWorks can help.

We are a multi-stakeholder cooperative owned by two distinct sets of members. The first are community groups and other local representatives who want to empower homeowners to start low carbon refurbishment of their homes also known as retrofit. The second are contractors and other building professionals wanting to deliver guaranteed high-quality retrofit work and advise.

When bringing these members together, we create an eco-system able to deliver retrofit at scale to all homeowners using local quality vetted contractors who create local jobs and skills. We call this a one-stop-shop for homeowners because we are making it as easy as possible to retrofit homes and empower a retrofit movement necessary to achieve Net Zero.

Become a Member of the RetrofitWorks Cooperative

You will need to join as an Associate Member, which means that you join as an ambassador of RetrofitWorks who will be kept up to date on our activities, get access to our network of retrofit experts, as well as be supported with spreading the word. The only requirements are that you accept our Primary Membership Rules and have the desire to join our retrofit movement. The cost is £50/year and we are naturally happy to have a talk before you sign up.

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“We joined RetrofitWorks as an Advocate Member to help our community easily access quality guaranteed home efficiency and local grant schemes.”

Abigail Stevenson, CEO, The Selby Trust, Tottenham

Advocate Members

Organisations who wants a larger involvement in the cooperative can become Advocate Members, which allows you to formally work with RetrofitWorks. There are no additional fees and it constitutes a shareholding in the cooperative allowing you to influence how we operate. Advocate Members can do various things such as:

  • Design a local one-stop-shop
  • Help with promoting RetrofitWorks
  • Help with creating a retrofit network to support your community
  • Generate income by referring homeowners who retrofit their home using a local one-stop-shop

How to start a local one-stop-shop

You need to join as an Advocate Member to start a local one-stop-shop, which establishes a formal relationship. We work together to establish key components needed to achieve our shared goals. Together we design the homeowner journey and who is responsible for different steps in the process. Some Advocate Members like to take a very hands-on role while others just want to refer homeowners. Our cooperative exists for others to use it, Advocate Members need to be able to build a genuine market for retrofit.

If the model is used in a new geographical area, it may be that we already have Practitioner Members that are willing to operate there. However, it is more likely we will have to attract new local contractors and other building professionals. We are experienced in this but need local organisations to support the process. We are happy to have a chat about the goals and hopes you have for your community at any time.

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